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Can Playing a Musical Instrument Make You Smarter?

The piano lessons so many people take when they're kids could really pay off, but not because it's making them virtuosos. It may, however, be making them smarter.

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Are All the Memories We've Ever Had Still Stored in Our Brains ?

All our memories do get stored by the brain for varying periods of time; some are stored in our short term memory and don't stick with us for very long, while others are filed away in our long term memory.

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How do scientists investigate brain activity?

Scientists employ a variety of techniques to investigate brain activity, though in the ever-changing landscape of technology, these methods continue to evolve.

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Is there a way to make the brain "psychic"?

Parapsychologists believe there are a variety of psychic abilities such as telepathy, or mind-to-mind communication; precognition, the ability to predict future events, and clairvoyance, the ability to perceive events occurring remotely.

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Is body language universal?

Find out what makes body language universal across various cultures at

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Why is Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture so revered?

Frank Lloyd Wright is typically considered a true visionary of architecture and the premiere American architect during the first half of the 20th century.

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Are facial expressions universal?

Are facial expressions universal? Learn the science behind facial expressions at large and how they come to be universal at

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How could buying green ever be bad for the environment?

Learn more about how buying green could actually harm the environment from

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Why does Nicholas Carr think Google is making us stupid?

In his now infamous 2008 article for The Atlantic Monthly, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Are newspapers dead?

Though a pulse might yet beat on for newspapers, at best, it's weak. According to a 2010 research survey conducted by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, 34 percent of participants had accessed news in the previous 24 hours.