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66a7646 talkingpaella article
Marriott Traveler

Chefs Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés on the Art of Perfect Paella (Hint: Bring on the Fire)

What’s a traveler to do when he’s in Spain and can’t scrounge up a decent paella?

Best water sports paddleboard orlando article
Marriott Traveler

Marriott Traveler: Water World: 6 Watersports You Have to Try on Orlando Lakes

For visitors willing to explore further afield, a world of outdoor wonders await, like the Winter Park and Harris Chains of Lakes. .

Best comedy shows orlando sak comedy lab article
Marriott Traveler

Marriott Traveler: Adult Funnies: 5 Orlando Comedy Spots to Get the Giggles

Craving a good belly laugh? Orlando’s is home to some of the funniest improv and stand up comedy shows in the country.

Movie buffs guide orlando seaworld sharknado article
Marriott Traveler

A Movie Buff's Guide to Orlando | Marriott TRAVELER

A Movie Buff's Guide to Orlando | Marriott TRAVELER...

Best barbecue orlando article
Marriott Traveler

Pigging Out: A Guide to Orlando's Best Finger-Lickin' Barbecue

Pigging Out: A Guide to Orlando's Best Finger-Licki...

Orlando best ziplines tree trek article
Marriott Traveler

Marriott Traveler: Zip-a-dee-do-da: Swing From the Best Zip Lines in Orlando

Take your Orlando vacation to new heights — literally — with a zip line adventure, zooming through and above Central Florida’s treetops.

Best bungee jumping orlando article
Marriott Traveler

For the Adrenaline Junkie in You: Orlando’s Biggest Bungee Thrills

Manmade towers and bungee slingshots, both part of the bungee jumping family, allow adventurers the chance to be flung through the Florida sky at breakneck speeds.

Haunted orlando church street station article
Marriott Traveler

Haunted Orlando. Who Knew?

Ten years ago, when Ting Rappa began leading ghost tours in Downtown Orlando, she was a self-described “Scooby Doo of ghost hunting,” hesitant to get too close to the city’s spirits.