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20 Surprising Ways to Predict the Weather

Can your coffee cup tell you if a storm is coming? Do crickets know the temperature?

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The World's Most Terrifying Roads

Buckle up. With hair-pin curves, sheer drops and nicknames like "Death Road," these routes in Afghanistan, Tibet and beyond are simply mortifying.

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The World's Dreamiest Island Getaways

We've tracked down a handful of once-in-a-lifetime, spare-no-expense warm-weather resorts. Even if you never make it to these spots, you can savor the dream.

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The World's Most Extraordinary Private Island Resorts

When money is no object, stay at one of these luxe destinations.

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Best Snow and Ice Festivals in the World

Not everyone is content to enjoy ice and snow with mere skiing, ice skating or snowball fights. Some people — sculptors, for example — prefer to transform ice into massive, hand-carved works of art.